Flex Events April 1, 2020

ID Date Blocks Block Selection Title Title Plain Text Location Teachers Category Description
5474 2020-04-01 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Renooy's Science Support Renooy's Science Support B232 BRITTANY RENOOY 4 Support

Come get some extra support in Science.

5479 2020-04-01 Morning FLEX1 Klinka support Klinka support B249 (B249) DAN KLINKA 4 Support

5489 2020-04-01 Morning FLEX1 Outdoor Club Outdoor Club B220 (Outdoor Club) STEVE JOYCE 2 Exclusive

General planning

5456 2020-04-01 Afternoon FLEX2 Timberline Choir Timberline Choir G114 (Music Room) DAVID JOHNSON 2 Exclusive

Come do some singing! We will learn some vocal technique, and have some fun learning to sing harmony together. We'll work on some contemporary music and dive into some different genres as well including a cappella, musical theatre tunes and more. Come ready to focus, work hard, and learn some new skills! All levels welcome!
Gina Davis has volunteered to get a choir up and running at Timberline. A wonderful opportunity for all students interested in singing!!

5518 2020-04-01 Afternoon FLEX2 Carve your own small rubber stamp Carve your own small rubber stamp B231 Elicia Murdoch 8 Opportunity

Design and carve your own rubber stamp. This activity requires patience and an awareness of safety.

5346 2020-04-01 Morning AND Afternoon 2 ODA ODA B220 (Outdoor Club) STEVE JOYCE 2 Exclusive

ODA Students only

5168 2020-04-01 Morning FLEX1 Math Support - All Welcome! Math Support - All Welcome! B242 (Lewis/Schopp) SCHOPP ANDREW, JAMES LEWIS 4 Support

Come in to ask questions and complete some work.
Looking for some challenging questions, we can do that too.

5130 2020-04-01 Afternoon FLEX2 Workout Time! Workout Time! Weight Room (Weight Room) BRENT KRATZMANN 8 Opportunity

Get changed and use the weight room for your personal fitness. This is not a hang-out space. Only those actively working out will be permitted.

5451 2020-04-01 Morning FLEX1 Anderson Support Anderson Support B248 (Ms. Anderson's Room) HEATHER ANDERSON 4 Support

Come and get support with your Science classes. Everyone Welcome!

5126 2020-04-01 Morning FLEX1 Beaver Lodge Fun Run Beaver Lodge Fun Run Gym (Gym) BRENT KRATZMANN 8 Opportunity

Change into proper P.E. clothes; make-up a missed jog OR if you just love jogging ... join us! Meet by the gym doors to sign-in; get instructions. Don't be late!

5192 2020-04-01 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Test Centre Test Centre C255 (Learn Centre Donahue's Room) BARBARA DONAHUE 4 Support

Did you miss a test or need to do a rewrite? Talk to you teacher and get signed up for the test center!

5204 2020-04-01 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Library Learning Commons Library Learning Commons Library (Library Learning Commons) TBA 5 Learning Commons

Come and work with your peers with help from teachers. You are expected to come prepared to work!

5216 2020-04-01 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Appointment Appointment TBA TBA 2 Exclusive

If you have an appointment in the community, ex. Job interview, dentist appointment, etc choose this option.

YOU WILL BE MARKED ABSENT UNLESS YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO Mr. Hrysio to confirm your appointment.

5226 2020-04-01 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Picked up a Shift Picked up a Shift TBA TBA 2 Exclusive

If you have received a call from your boss and have the opportunity to pick up a shift this week only chose this option. This is not for students that have a home permission learning plan.


5242 2020-04-01 Afternoon FLEX2 Girls Soccer Practice Girls Soccer Practice School Field (School Field) SUZANNE BERG, DAVID HRYSIO 6 Open

All girls interested in playing soccer for the Timberline Team should be attending. Change into athletic attire & bring a full water bottle. See Mrs. Berg if you have any questions or conflicts.

5314 2020-04-01 Morning OR Afternoon 1 EBOS/Open Computer Lab EBOS/Open Computer Lab B201 (Ebos) CHRISTOPHER COTTELL 5 Learning Commons

A space to work on your EBOS courses or to work quickly on the computer for another course. This is not a gaming space.

5390 2020-04-01 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Leadership and Yearbook Activities Leadership and Yearbook Activities B242 (Lewis/Schopp) JAMES LEWIS 2 Exclusive

This is only for Yearbook or Leadership students. Report to Mr. Lewis as to what you will be doing during your FLEX time.

5403 2020-04-01 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Garden Club Garden Club Garden Courtyard EMMA MORAY, ANGEL MURPHY 8 Opportunity

Do you like gardening? Do you want to find others with a shared interest in gardens, gardening, and flowers? Then Garden Club is for you! Here you and friends will plant and cultivate all sorts of flora. And guess what? Now you have an excuse to get your hands dirty so now your parents can't get mad! But you'l still have to clean up before dinner.