Flex Events Oct. 18, 2017

ID Date Blocks Block Selection Title Title Plain Text Location Teachers Category Description
613 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Student Leadership Project Work Student Leadership Project Work G106 (Leadership Room) TERRY PHILP 5 Support

Students in Mrs.Philp's Leadership class can work on committee tasks.

496 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Quiet Room Quiet Room B243 (Heiman's Room) BARBARA DONAHUE, HEIDE HEIMAN 5 Support

Listen to the sound of one hand clapping. Silence is Golden. Quiet is the key to this room. Bring your book, colouring, word search, and assignments and you will find a space where you can get things done. Sign up for Flex1 or Flex 2 or maybe both.

516 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Test Centre Test Centre B243 (Heiman's Room) BARBARA DONAHUE, HEIDE HEIMAN 5 Support

The Test Centre offers students a great opportunity to make up for tests they may have missed or take a test because they will be away. Check with your teacher, sign up on flex and have your teacher bring your test to the amazing teachers and Educational Assistants who supervise the Test Centre.

  Link : https://pmcvariety.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/meryl-streep.jpg?w=1000&h=562&crop=1

942 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Wihnan's Math/Science Support Wihnan's Math/Science Support B254 (Wihnan's Room) JASON WIHNAN 5 Support

Come get help with the following courses: Pre-Calculus 12, Physics 11/12, or Science 10.

943 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Math/Science Support Ubriaco Math/Science Support Ubriaco B251 (B251) NATASHA UBRIACO 5 Support

585 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Math/Science Support Math/Science Support B249 (B249) DAN KLINKA 5 Support

Come get help with the following courses: Biology 12, FOM 10, or Science 10.

602 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Sport Leadership Project Work Sport Leadership Project Work Gym (Gym) BRENT KRATZMANN 5 Support

Students registered in Sport Leadership may register for this if they are working on a course-related project. If you sign up for this, please inform Kratz of your plans by Wednesday morning.

706 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 One on One Help One on One Help C255 (Learn Centre Donahue's Room) BARBARA DONAHUE, HEIDE HEIMAN 5 Support

Please check with Mrs. Donahue or Mrs. Heiman to make sure there is an Educational Assistant available to work with you one on one.

935 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Graphing Calculator 101 Graphing Calculator 101 B245 (Fonagy's Room) SABRINA FONAGY 5 Support

First we will go over our Unit 3 test and then...drum roll please... we will use graphing calculators to work on graphing functions y=(x-p)^2+q WOOHOO! What fun!

908 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Math 10 FACTORING review Math 10 FACTORING review B243 (Heiman's Room) BRITTANY RENOOY 5 Support

Come on by for some FACTORING FUN! Open to grade 10's needing factoring help, or any one else who wants to do a grade 10 factoring review.

929 2017-10-18 Flex-2 FLEX2 AT ISSUE: Mass Shootings & Gun Control AT ISSUE: Mass Shootings & Gun Control B219 (Hrysio's Room) LINDSEY HESLOP, DAVID HRYSIO 5 Support

Continuation of the events that have been all over the news, your social media feeds, likely, conversations at your dinner table. This is an At Issue you won't want to miss.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/t-zBUwXQgAs?rel=0

927 2017-10-18 Flex-1 AND Flex-2 2 Making Spaetzle Noodles (German Noodles in a Sauce) Making Spaetzle Noodles (German Noodles in a Sauce) F117 (Foods) ROBYNNE FRASER 5 Support

Come in and learn how to make Spaetzle Noodles (German round noodle) and a delicious sauce.
You will be working in groups of 4 and it is advisable that at least one person in your group is familiar with the kitchen layout as well as safety and sanitation rules.

837 2017-10-18 Flex-1 AND Flex-2 2 child psychology Practicum students make-up class child psychology Practicum students make-up class B218 (Izard's Community) BARB IZARD 5 Support

Practicum makeups for missed or future missed appointments.

817 2017-10-18 Flex-2 FLEX2 cribbage 102 cribbage 102 B230 (B230) CHRISTOPHER PATTERSON 5 Support

This is an opportunity for students and staff to enjoy the wonderful world of cribbage. If you are new to this card game, we'd love to teach you.

955 2017-10-18 Flex-2 FLEX2 Open Weight Room Open Weight Room Weight Room (Weight Room) BRENT KRATZMANN 5 Support

Come on down and work on your fitness in the weight room.

954 2017-10-18 Flex-2 FLEX2 Volleyball Tournament - ALL STUDENTS WELCOME Volleyball Tournament - ALL STUDENTS WELCOME Gym (Gym) SUZANNE BERG 5 Support

Do you love volleyball & want to play in a fun tournament? Change into PE clothes & come to the gym in Flex 2.

952 2017-10-18 Flex-2 FLEX2 NIRD Fest Play Practice NIRD Fest Play Practice Theatre (Theatre) HEIDE HEIMAN 5 Support

A flex block used to practice for a play called Bang, Bang, You're Dead for NIRD Fest.
**Bang Bang You're Dead is a one-act play written by William Mastrosimone, with the assistance of the Spanish River Drama Department (Boca Raton, Florida) in 1999 to raise awareness of school violence and its causes.

947 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 (STILL) making cutting boards! (STILL) making cutting boards! D201 (Woodwork Shop) PAUL KLEIN 5 Support

This is continuation of previous FLEX times! Some are finished some are just beginning---where are you? Come for the fun--stay for the tunes

934 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Textiles Textiles B213 (Ms. Baily's Room) KAREN BAILY, DAWN KOOMEN 5 Support

Learn how to sew, knit, crochet, or embroider. You can make gifts, items for charity, or things for yourself. You can even learn to repair or modify your clothes and other personal items. It's FUN and USEFUL.

933 2017-10-18 Flex-2 FLEX2 Open Hackerspace Open Hackerspace B201 (Hackerspace computer lab) TYLERE COUTURE 5 Support

The Hackerspace is open to anyone who needs a computer to work on a class project (any subject). This event is for students interested in doing school work only. Non-Hackerspace students welcome.

907 2017-10-18 Flex-2 FLEX2 Woodshedding 101 Woodshedding 101 G114 (Music Room) DAVID JOHNSON 5 Support

No time to practice those tough parts at home? Need help with notes or rhythms? Come on in and get individual or small group/sectional help on this year's tunes. Woodshed the parts that you need extra time on! Practice makes perfect!

902 2017-10-18 Flex-2 FLEX2 Moray's English Hangout Moray's English Hangout B216 (Moray's Room) EMMA MORAY 5 Support

Come to Ms. Moray's class to work on homework, get help with English assignments and editing, study, read, play vocab/word games, get inspired with creative writing activities, learn about opportunities to get your creative writing published, and so much more! Everyone is welcome (you do not have to be in Ms. Moray's class this semester)

786 2017-10-18 Flex-2 FLEX2 Humanities Learning Commons Humanities Learning Commons Library JOANNA BROADBENT, ANGEL MURPHY 5 Support

Come and get help with your English and Humanities work.

750 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Open Media Studio Open Media Studio D228 (Media Room) SHANNON HAGEN 5 Support

Would like to spend some time in the media room to use the computers to create a video? Serious editors only. No internet browsing.

747 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 esports: League of Legends esports: League of Legends B202 (Computer lab) TYLERE COUTURE, CHRISTOPHER COTTELL 5 Support

Practice with Timberline's League of Legends team. Our team competes in the High School Starleague, a coordinator of High School esports in North America.

693 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Open Art Studio Open Art Studio F122 (Art Room) AVI GOLDBERG, SHANNEN HARLE 5 Support

Interested in making art in a creative environment? Come on down to the art room! This is a great opportunity to independently explore drawing, watercolour painting, collage, found sculpture... anything your creative heart desires. You are welcome to bring your own supplies or use what we have. Note: You do not need to be enrolled in an art course to come to the Open Art Studio. Students currently in ceramics/pottery may use clay at this time.

628 2017-10-18 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Path of the Paddle Path of the Paddle Portable 2 (Mme Ouellette's room) LOU BAKOTA 5 Support

CANCELLED TODAY DUE TO THE WEATHER!!! SIGN UP FOR A DIFFERENT FLEX. Do you like the outdoors? Is adventure your middle name? Have you always wanted to explore the wilderness by canoe? If so, come and join Path of the Paddle. You will learn valuable paddling skills and venture out by canoe into local rivers, lakes, and estuaries. This course will run till the end of October.