Flex Events Sept. 25, 2019

ID Date Blocks Block Selection Title Title Plain Text Location Teachers Category Description
4578 2019-09-25 Flex-1 AND Flex-2 2 Mandatory: Core Competencies and Goal Setting Mandatory: Core Competencies and Goal Setting TBA TBA 9 Highlighted


Go to your A Block classes!

There you will complete the Core Competency profile and goal setting for the upcoming semester.

If you are in the Career's 10 class, go to your Career 10 teacher.

4570 2019-09-25 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Open Media Arts Studio Open Media Arts Studio F114A (Media Room) SHANNON HAGEN 4 Support

Media studio open for those students who are seriously interested in using school computers to edit the footage they've filmed on their own time. Serious editors only. Not game playing or internet browsing.

4606 2019-09-25 Flex-1 AND Flex-2 2 Interested in Ambulance, RCMP, Firefighting, Search and Rescue, Drones...READ ON!! Interested in Ambulance, RCMP, Firefighting, Search and Rescue, Drones...READ ON!! Other (See the event description.) DIANA CAMERIN 8 Opportunity

September 25--Introduction to Emergency Services and Emergency Management--counselling area conference room
October 9--Emergency Management and Household Preparedness what to tell your family about getting ready for an emergency--what about your pets?--Counselling area conference room
October 23--BC Emergency management BC will be attending to present the different fields of work if you enjoy this type of career pathway--counselling area conference room
November 6 and November 20--Emergency communications -- your cell phone won't work so now what?--this takes place at the search and rescue hall - details to follow--
December 4--Campbell River and Climate Change and Rising Sea Level -- what to expect and what to do--Timberline in the Counselling area conference room
January 6--Drones SUAVAIR--Search and Rescue Hall
January 22--RCMP--RCMP station
February 12--to be determined
February 26--Firefighting--Firehall #1 downtown
March 11--Salvation Army - how to feed in a disaster--Timberline
April 1- Wildfire Planning and Attach--Timberline
April 15--To be determined
April 24--to be determined
May 13--Campbell River ESS and becoming a volunteer
May 23-Wrap up at Timberline

4616 2019-09-25 Flex-1 OR Flex-2 1 Sew, Knit, Crochet, etc... Sew, Knit, Crochet, etc... B213 (Ms. Baily's Room) CELINE OUELLETTE 8 Opportunity

Come and learn how to sew or knit. Bring your own projects or make projects for charity... whatever floats your boat!

4637 2019-09-25 Flex-1 AND Flex-2 2 Storm Hockey Skills Camp Storm Hockey Skills Camp Other (See the event description.) RUEHLEN LAIRD 2 Exclusive

This session is open to Storm and midget rep hockey players who have signed up for the Storm Skills camp program. Remember to complete your core competency reflections in A block Thursday/Friday