Thursday - Grade 10 Only June 4, 2020

ID Date Blocks Block Selection Title Title Plain Text Location Teachers Category Description
5522 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Hackerspace Hackerspace G122 (Hackerspace) TYLERE COUTURE 4 Support

Support for all Hackerspace courses.

5532 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 CSL 10 Science support CSL 10 Science support B251 (B251) NATASHA UBRIACO 4 Support

Get support for online learning in the area of Chemistry and Biology for science 10

5542 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Social Studies 10 Social Studies 10 B230 (B230) CHRISTOPHER PATTERSON 4 Support

5647 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 CSL - English 10 CSL - English 10 B216 (Moray's Room) EMMA MORAY 4 Support

Offering opportunities for discussion, clarification, and help with the English 10 assignments I have posted online. Aaand a chance to reconnect and catch up - hope to see you there :)

5654 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Science 10 support Science 10 support B249 (B249) DAN KLINKA 4 Support

Support for the online course material available on the Moodle website. No new material will be presented.

5664 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 CLE 10 support CLE 10 support B214 (B214 Computer Lab) DIANA CAMERIN 4 Support

5710 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Art & Ceramics 10 - Online Support Art & Ceramics 10 - Online Support F122 (Art Room) SHANNEN HARLE 2 Exclusive

The art room is available for SUPPORT to complete any of the online art activities on Teams, or to glaze a fired ceramics piece.

If you only want to pick up your art, please DO NOT sign up for this flex activity: please sign up for Ms Goldberg's Art & Ceramics Project Pickup event.

NOTE: you must bring all of your own materials, except we will provide the glaze and brushes for ceramics. Newly glazed items will be high fired and ready for pick-up next week.

If you are not able to sign up this week, try again next week. Please contact your teacher on Teams if you have any questions or concerns.

5565 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Math 10 Support Math 10 Support B229 (Koomen's Klass) DAWN KOOMEN 4 Support

Hello Again My Peanut Gallery 😊

First, please be aware that we (the staff) already understand that EVERYONE is not going to be as well prepared for next year as you traditionally would be, so DO NOT PANIC! We will be working hard next year to compensate for the missed time and our online deficiencies. I feel like this Covid-19 has chopped off your heads and educationally, we have offered you a band-aid! Sheesh!

Secondly, if you do choose to come into the school it will NOT be business as usual.
- You will need to make an appointment for a designated time to come in. There are limited spaces in each session due to social distancing parameters outlined by the Minister of Health.
- You will be required to sanitize your hands before entering the building and before entering my classroom; you may choose to bring and wear a mask if you like.
- You will be required to ensure that you are not sick (no coughing, sneezing, fever, headache, etc.) BEFORE you enter the building --- if you display any of these symptoms while in class you will be required to leave immediately. As well, you and your parents must sign a release that states you are aware of health protocols and are healthy 😊
- I cannot lend any supplies so you will need to be ready/equipped with your own pencils, erasers, sharpeners, calculators, papers, rulers etc.
- You will be designated a seat and required to remain in that seat for the duration of your two-hour session; bathroom breaks will be limited, and you are responsible for monitoring and sanitizing all surfaces you touch
- You will be working individually, and any assistance will be provided through overhead screen display; we can’t work at the same table because we can’t maintain the 2m distance
It would be an excellent idea to have your own laptop to use for screen sharing in case of individual needs

I will be continuing our online schedule for the duration of this semester; my butt will simply be in a chair at school instead of at home. I do suffer quite badly from hay-fever and sinus-related allergies though, and so may be unable to be in the building every single day. Please continue to reach me via Teams or text.

5711 2020-06-04 Morning FLEX1 Art & Ceramics 10 - Project Pick-up Art & Ceramics 10 - Project Pick-up F122 (Art Room) AVI GOLDBERG 2 Exclusive

This is for PROJECT PICK-UP ONLY. Please sign up for Mr Harle's Art & Ceramics Online Support flex event if you want help to complete your online Teams activities.

You may arrive any time between 9am-11:15am. You can collect your stuff and leave.

NOTE: Please do not enter the school. Go around by the shops to the back field, and wait outside the back art room door until it is your turn. Be respectful of others in the waiting area and stay 6 feet apart. We will get your art for you.

If you are not able to sign up this week, try again next week. Please contact your teacher on Teams if you have any questions or concerns.

5644 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 COTTELL - Math 10 Foundations and Precalc COTTELL - Math 10 Foundations and Precalc B205 (Computer Lab) CHRISTOPHER COTTELL 4 Support

For Mr. Cottell's B Block Math 10 Foundations class to get support with online course work.

5720 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 French 10 French 10 B217 (Celine Ouellette) CELINE OUELLETTE 4 Support

5585 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Psychology 10/11 Psychology 10/11 B218 (Izard's Community) BARB IZARD 4 Support

5679 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 P.E. for Gr. 10's P.E. for Gr. 10's Lower Parking Lot SUZANNE BERG, SCHOPP ANDREW, DUSTIN STEININGER 8 Opportunity

Opportunities will be offered for outdoor fitness. You are encouraged to continue reading the weekly bulletins with activity suggestions & completing your activities from home as the gym, weight room & portable are not open.

5590 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 English 10 Murdoch English 10 Murdoch B231 Elicia Murdoch 4 Support

Catch up on assignments from our online learning opportunities. Get help or clarification on any assignments that you are having trouble with. Please come prepared with what you want to work on, and bring your own supplies. If you are able, please bring your own device. I look forward to seeing you in person again!

5595 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Shop courses support Shop courses support G127 (Metal/Mechanics shop) DOUG BLUE, PAUL KLEIN 4 Support

Shops are not open for general project work. You are coming for specific help on the online learning opportunities which are posted in Teams that you have been unable to complete without face to face instruction. Students will also be expected to disassemble or clean up projects left from before the school closure in March. Students who have all Teams projects complete and no disassembly or cleanup may be able to work on a small project from the project bank. Mr. Klein and I will assign you to a room and seating when we see who attends. Please be aware of the rules for attending classes during June. These were sent in an email by school admin and I have also posted them in Teams.

5614 2020-06-04 Morning OR Afternoon 1 Creative Writing 10 Creative Writing 10 B216 (Moray's Room) EMMA MORAY 4 Support

Offering support and clarification for assignments posted online, and editing and feedback opportunities for Timberline's grade 10 writers :) Hope to see you there!

5778 2020-06-04 Morning FLEX1 TSN HYC for Grade 10s TSN HYC for Grade 10s F114A (Media Room) SHANNON HAGEN 2 Exclusive

This time is for Grade 10s ONLY to schedule time in the Media Room. Physical distance protocols must be followed in addition to any cleaning of workspaces. Drop-ins ARE NOT allowed as Mrs. Hagen may not be in the room unless booked.
Please watch the attached YouTube video so you are aware of the cleaning procedures.

Video link:

5695 2020-06-04 Morning XOR Afternoon 0 Science 10 Science 10 B232 Francis Compton 4 Support

Come get support with your coursework with Mr. Compton. No new lessons will be taught here. It will simply be support on the topics we have covered thus far. Be sure to wait for me to sign you in before entering the classroom. This means waiting outside my door and acknowledging you are here. DO NOT just walk into the room. I will direct you as to where I would like for you to sit. Before coming, make sure you have done a health-check and are symptom free.
See you soon!
-Mr. Compton